May 15, 2008

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Lemon Bars (4 comments)
made these yesterday myself, and so far I’m getting good responses so far.

I think the temp was a bit high when I poured the egg mixture on, all of the top turned brown fairly soon, lol, but it’s still good. I think I’ll go for a bit less sugar an […]

2009-10-12 13:29:30
Pascha (2 comments)
Oh sorry! Just about a quarter of a cup or so–just enough to let the fruit soak in.

And I apologize for not replying sooner. […]

Maureen E
2009-10-03 00:09:21
Lavender Sorbet (2 comments)
Nope never use an essential oil instead of infused simple sugar or wine…can be poisonous in some instances […]
Cookie Girl
2009-09-21 22:16:38
Several Kinds of Chocolate Shortbread (sort of) (1 comments)
I made this the other day… for company, no less… and it was amazing. I assumed that the second layer should also bake at 350 degrees, which worked fine. I used espresso flavored Green and Black’s for the Unsound Mind Club’s optional drizzle, and […]
2009-09-16 03:44:38
Robin’s very squodgy white chocolate brownie . . . er . . . chocolate whiteys recipe (2 comments)
Me too, Betty…me too. […]
2009-08-16 18:37:25
Lemon ice (1 comments)
Mmm. It was over 90 (F) here today. This looks like a perfect re-christening recipe for the ice cream maker! […]
2009-06-25 05:10:29
Black Forest Christmas Cookies (1 comments)
I finally tried this. I had the printed recipe, chocolate, tinned cherries and barley waiting up in my cupboard for a few months after you posted this. I finally needed the cookies enough to give it a try. These are so yummy. Thanks! […]
Crystal Brunelle
2009-04-05 06:59:32
Refrigerator Lemon Pie (1 comments)
At the little restaurant where I worked the summer I was 16, we made an even more basic version of this. A bit denser; it was less than a inch thick but full of flavor, and no worries about uncooked egg.

Smash some graham crackers and cover a plat […]

Abigail Miller
2009-03-24 15:41:39
Cheese pudding (1 comments)
This sounds really different. Does it make the bread soggy? I love cheese alot so I wanted to try this, but I am no fan of soggy bread, thats why I won’t eat french dips. […]
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2009-03-23 16:52:37
Salad Elona (1 comments)
I would have never though of something like this to serve at a party. I love both strawberries and cucumber, and with white wine vinager sprinkled on top, mmmm Thanks for this I will for sure try it. […]
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2009-03-11 18:54:33
Bran Tea Loaf (1 comments)
I had this recipe years ago and lost it. I have been asking people and looking for it. Thanks! It’s exactly right!! […]
Moira MacDonald
2009-03-11 14:10:53
Apple & Cinnamon Crunch Cake (1 comments)
Made this today for a tea party … there wasn’t a *crumb* left!!! :D […]
2009-03-02 13:13:05
Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls (12 comments)
Don’t worry, Anette, we have the picture over on the forum. :) […]
2009-02-22 21:27:42
Hot Water Gingerbread (8 comments)
Quite a nice recipe. I tried it out last night with a great result. But it still doesn’t beat my secret gingerbread recipe :) […]
Peter Latterkursus
2009-02-14 20:35:18
Gluten-Free Cinnamon Buns (1 comments)
It’s notoriously hard to make good gluten-free baked goods, and in fact I’d largely given up bothering. But something about this recipe caught my eye and I was very pleasantly surprised. I did add the pecans, and I liked the contrast in texture … t […]
Andrea Maybaum
2009-01-26 13:54:21
Rum Currant Cookies (1 comments)
I don’t like rum (I know you said not to say that :) ) but my wife loves it in recipes – and rum and raisin ice cream is her fave flavour.
We will have to try these, I guess. Have you ever tried Rum Balls, rum flavoured chocolate ball covered in co […]
2009-01-22 23:09:21
Honey Glazed Doughnuts (1 comments)
This recipe sounds delicious.Thank you for sharing it, ( and for the great tips ) :) Have a wonderful ” 2009 “….. Happy Cooking Betty […]
2009-01-19 11:27:32
Paper Bag Apple Pie (1 comments)
hhm, it sounds yum. The top is like apple crumble I guess. An Apple Crumble Pie.
My nan used to put a couple of cloves in her apple pies – they were the absolute best. […]
2009-01-14 11:26:34
Tiramisu-mousse Ice-cream (1 comments)
I don’t really like tiramasu as a desert myself but I recently had it as ice cream (not tofu like your recipe) at a restaurant and loved it. Maybe I have never had a good one? And I think real coffee rather than instant makes a big difference to most […]
2009-01-14 11:16:16
Mr. Konidaris’ Skordalia (2 comments)
Valerie, as you use the mortar and pestle, working the potato mixture, and keep adding the oil and lemon it gets a thick flowing texture, similar to mashed potatoes in many ways. You want the air you pump in there to make them “bubble”, so your motio […]
Susan from Athens
2008-12-27 11:23:02
Hatbox Pie (1 comments)
Hhhmmmm …. I’ll bet that lingonberry sauce would be just lovely in this! *eyes jars in cupboard and contemplating the Holler-Daze* […]
2008-12-08 23:37:53
Shagbark Hickory syrup (1 comments)
Hi Robin, Stumbled on Your
“Shagbark Hickory syrup
Black Bear: comment in “Calories” on July 14, 2008”

Brugge Brasserie doesn’t use our Hickory syrup in “The Black”
Ted uses our Poplar Bark Syrup.

Thought You might want to edit that piec […]

Gordon Jones
2008-12-06 22:00:31
Honeycake (2 comments)
Ooops! Amended to include butter quantity. Thanks, Shalea, don’t know how that was missed. […]
2008-11-21 17:15:14
Plum Sorbet with Black-Current Liqueur (2 comments)
This sounds like a delicious recipe, and I think the proportions would work well as a base for variations. For instance, I’m imagining a peach or nectarine sorbet with Amaretto … mmm! […]
Marta Wiechowska
2008-11-11 20:20:37
The Basic Inestimable Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (1 comments)
Okay … I kind of played around with the recipe the other day.
So try: adding 1-2 tsp of ground ginger;
or chopped glace cherries (I used a 100g packet).
Of course I used dark chocolate with these additions not milk chocolate.
:) […]
2008-10-30 11:46:03
Mexican Chocolate Cake (2 comments)
Looks great! I am going to make this with Mexican cinnamon, which has a great flavor and gives things an authentic Mexican flavor. I may also try it with less powdered sugar, as the previous commenter suggested.

Thanks! […]

senorita cinnamon
2008-10-14 03:08:30
Honey Ricebubble Slice – a traditional treat for Kiwi kids (1 comments)
rice bubbles sound like rice crispie cereal…I bet it’s the same thing :) […]
2008-09-28 02:43:37
Tabbouleh (2 comments)
It’s a lovely dish, isn’t it. There’s something about Tabbouleh that I find really addictive. I envy you the grilled prawns though!

And cherry tomatoes – yes. We’re being swamped by these at the moment – garden and greenhouse varieties both seem […]

2008-09-23 10:28:54
I’m Sorry, I Had One for Tea and I Don’t Have Room for Dinner Bars (3 comments)
So I made these for RYADN [as I told you … was that only yesterday?!], and while the people who went shopping neglected to pick up any nuts or raisins or dates or currants or ANYTHING other than chocolate chips, they still came out wonderfully well […]
2008-09-20 06:24:00
Scandinavian Apple Charlotte (2 comments)
It’s funny, my mother has been making this since I was a kid – we call it Norwegian apple cake.

I like to make it with sourdough bread though – and I love it with cream. […]

2008-09-12 22:28:56

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