March 2, 2009

Dances’ All-purpose Dressing

Dances-with-needles, 10 Feb 09, Recipe Thread

Here is my all purpose dressing for most vegetables and some carbs.It goes great on potatoes but might taste really odd on rice. I haven’t tried it on rice because I use my hit and miss pesto on rice.
For enough to coat 2 cups of veg, or potatoes or to brush on broiled chicken or salmon.
For each tbs of lemon juice use 2tbs olive oil (The best you can come up with)1/4 tsp salt and the same of onion powder. put this into something like a custard cup and whip with a fork until it goes thick. pour it over or on your intended victim while it (the victim) is hot.
It is a good basic cover for the taste of vitamins and healthy enough so that my conscience will not screech too much. This subs for lemon butter or hollandaise mostly, giving some of the same lemon/ salt notes.

” sometimes you have to cover the basic taste of the vitamins with calories” Peg Bracken


Dances-with-needles, 9 Feb 09

Son #2 is in culinary school and has shown me some good stuff. Over the holidays he showed me how to make Lox, fresh.
I cook by ratio because I often have to increase or decrease amounts depending on how many show up. So, for every pound of fresh salmon fillet you will need 1/2 cup kosher salt” and 1/2 cup sugar*, 1 tsp dried thyme, or dill or whatever herb you like with fish$. Use a glass or non reactive pan. Spread half the salt/sugar on the bottom mostly where the salmon will be sitting, lay the skin side down on the salt, sprinkle the thyme and other favorings over the flesh and spread the salt mix on top of that. Cover the meat as evenly as you can. Cover the pan, I use plastic wrap ( also known as dammit), and place in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. The time depends on the thickness of the meat and the size of the piece. Check on it every so often and if all the salt had vanished from the top spread some more on. The salmon goes from limber like a washed sock to kind of stiff, like the one you wore for a week. My son says Firm. When past the 24 hour point and stiff enough for your sense of things, rinse the salt off, pat the slab dry and slice at an angle rather thinly cutting it away from the skin as you go. A pound of this will serve one person for three or four meals or big snacks, and two people will demolish it all in five minutes. It is especially good with boiled potatoes mashed with lemon and olive oil dressing on the nights where I am just too tired to cook a meal and too hungry to skip it. Keep it wrapped in the wrap that was on top of the pan, in the refrigerator.

” this is important, the salt needs to be not iodized and have large granules

*This can be raw, turbinado, brown, or nasty old white sugar. I haven’t tried honey yet, so if someone does, please let me know how much works

$Thyme, Citrus peel, Onion Powder, Garlic powder, Dill weed, Ginger root, Just not all at once.