May 11, 2008

Veg can be “added in”

Carbonel, 6th May 2008, comment to “Eat your veg”

1. Puree’d and added to soups: tomato, roasted red peppers (don’t want to roast your own? Trader Joes sells reasonably priced cans of organic ones) squash, carrots, peas. If you’re making from scratch, be sure to add gobs of whatever spices you really love: garlic, etc. for the tomato or peppers, rogan josh / cumin / curry for the squash, carrots and peas, etc. Alternatively, you can purchase the boxed veg soups to practice on, until you find flavors you like.

2. Puree’d and added to meats: you can make terrific and tasy meatballs with shredded zuccini or carrots or parsley (get or grow the lovely italian variety. Yum! Don’t stint!) kneaded into the meat. Bake until brown. Do big batches and you can freeze and use just the amount you need when you need it.

3. Roasted and added to pasta dishes: slice very thinly, brush with olive oil, sea salt (for the crunch) and pepper to taste. Broil until just crispy brown (zuchinni, thinly sliced tomatoes). Once out of the oven, slice up and mix in with your pasta sauce for sphagetti, lasagna, etc.

4. Shredded and added to breads. Just like bannana bread, you can punch up your daily staff-of-life with zucchini, carrots, squash, pumpkin…

5. Pesto pasta: 3 cups fresh basil, 1 cup olive oil, salt to taste, puree’d in the Oscar) blend with 1 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese.

6. Learn to make spagh. sauce from scratch with big bunches of tomatoes, those Trader Joes’ roasted red peppers, fresh garlic and italian parsley. Remember: puree the living daylights out of it: you want to work up to this!)

Best of luck to you! It may take a few years (the better part of a decade for me) but it really does open up a whole world of yummy foods for you.