April 18, 2008

Robin’s Guidelines for ‘Playing with Your Food’

Here follow recipes** for chocolate, chocolate, yeast bread, tea bread, cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate—this is probably going to be mostly baking because that’s my favourite way of playing with my food, but we’ll see how it runs—plus a brilliant dolmades recipe, maybe a few green beans with almonds and garlic and like that, including at least two ways to use up some of those leftover courgette/zucchini out of your garden . . . one of which involves chocolate. And a little more chocolate. ***

Warning: As regular readers of my blog know, I am kind of a health nutter. This has mostly been forced upon me by the persistent attentions of ME/CFS etc, but it’s also fired† by a confused anxiety about the future of our planet. I’m not restricting Playing with Your Food to stuff that I can or will eat—and you’ll never know about my sobbing over the keyboard when I unscreen recipes involving pounds of cheese, pints of cream, and/or gallons of freshly made tomato sauce††—but I really don’t want recipes here that are full of Weird Chemicals: no preservatives, no flavour enhancers, no colourants, no pretty much anything that isn’t in English. In practise this tends to mean no prepackaged anything—although there are now some very nice instant organic cup-a-soups which I use, usually as a basis for cheating making sauces, and if you forgot the lead time and you need humous for six for lunch, a tin of cooked chickpeas is a life-saver. I lost several old favourites from my basic cooking repertoire once I started reading ingredient lists closely, so it’s not I don’t know what I’m asking. Sigh. And I’ll try not to be completely obsessive about this—the dolmades recipe mentioned above has a stock cube in it. Brrrrr.

So . . . thanks for humouring me about this.

* I also eat with chopsticks: salad, roast chicken, birthday cake, whatever. Forks are boring. I really like playing with my food.

** With enormous thanks and appreciation to all the other people who have posted recipes, and long may all of you continue to do so. Books and food: a natural partnership.

*** As the kitchen magnet says, Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is?

† And no fossil fuels were involved.

†† I’m also frankly planning to post some of my old favourites that I can’t eat any more. Vicarious is better than nothing and some recipes deserve as wide an audience as possible. Ha ha, cough cough. Favourite recipes in my life have rarely been low cal.