April 14, 2008

The recipe area works like this…

Please note: You may place a link to your website in your profile and signature. The link may not go to a website which in the consideration of this Site’s Management is to gain sales or commercial value of any kind: any comments with such links will not be unscreened.

**Important edit:Please do not post recipes in the comments here. Instead, post them to the Recipe Topic in the Forum, where Robin can comment on them, use them in posts, and make sure they meet her health standards. Thanks!**

Recipes posted first to Robin’s Forum will be copied and pasted from there to here, within a couple of days after they’ve appeared on the Forum, by a small team of volunteers who form the admin for the recipe blog. We will copy over a) who posted the recipe, b) when it was posted, c) the recipe itself and d) any amendments/additions by the recipe owner. Once it appears on this recipe area, then further comments are welcomed in the same way as for any blog and will be unscreened as fast as the person on duty can get to them.

There are a number of categories for readers to use in searching for particular recipes. We will attribute recipes with a category recommended by the original recipe poster, plus, perhaps, another category or so as well if it might help with searching. The plugin we’ve used to show the nested panel of categories is a widget that WordPress has available at the moment; we may find an improved one as more people update widgets to the latest version (which the recipe area is using).

On smaller screens the category box may show quite far down on a page, underneath the central text. We cry you pardon for this – it will be rearranged when we can do it. The main reason for using this plugin, rather than just a straight list of categories, is so that, as Robin says, it is easier for users to track down a recipe that may not be in what seems the logical place to them.

We’ve also tagged recipes, with the name of the original contributor – so that’s another way of tracking down something you have half a memory of.

At the moment we have not set this area to require logging in before commenting, but we are using a spam catcher – so if your comment doesn’t appear it may have been flagged as spam.

The recipe admin group will have one of us ‘on duty’ each week to copy/paste/unscreen/approve any login requests as appropriate.

We welcome suggestions for other facilities on this area, while asking you to remember that we are all volunteers and do have other lives outside in the physical world. If you want to get in touch with us, please email recipesblog at googlemail dot com.

Happy browsing!

Your (very friendly) recipe admin group. :)