May 19, 2008

Canine Liver Cake

Southdowner, 15 May 08, comment to “Dire”

Canine Liver Cake

1 lb. liver (preferably lamb)
2 eggs
1 whole garlic bulb
12 ozs. self-raising flour
1/2 pint water

Pulverise the raw liver, eggs and garlic in a food processor.
Add flour and mix.
Once blended, add water.
Pour mixture into a line cake tin (7-8 inches).
Cook at gas mark 5/180 degrees for half an hour or until the mixture is firm to touch.
Cut into very, very small squares when cool.
Use the same day, or freeeze what you don’t need immediately, to use later.

Leftover vegetables can be added and will be enjoyed by dogs, but avoid onions. Other meat (turkey after Christmas!) or fish work well also. If using tinned tuna, which is much enjoyed, I look for line caught, in unsalted water.