If you have any questions you’d like answered on this blog*, please ask.  I am going to try to acknowledge and—hallelujah!—possibly even answer with what passes in my world for speed and despatch.  Standard rules of reasonableness and my privacy apply.**

* If you have a question that isn’t pertinent to the blog, you can get in touch with me at contactme@robinmckinleysblog.com.  But please be aware that I don’t read manuscripts, and vanishingly rarely agree to read books for blurbs.  I am a quirky, eccentric, very slow reader and it’s not a practical use of my time, and discouraging for the writers who contact me—it’s hard to ask favours from a stranger, and a blow when the stranger doesn’t respond.  But I can wish you very best luck with faster, more flexible readers.

** Also, crankiness.  I may just not feel like answering.  But I will try to keep crankiness to a minimum^.

^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Crankiness to a minimum!    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!