There are several things I want to try to do better this time.*  I am going to try again with a Robin’s recommended booklist, for example, because it’s IDIOTIC that I spend so much of my time reading, and rarely mention any of it, even the good stuff, because I suck at writing book reviews.  The further problem however is that I suck at any kind of short form, like, for example, an annotated ‘read this’ book list.**  We can but persevere.***

Something else I want to do is try to make more use of reader comments.  There will be, some day soon I hope barring further technological disasters in other areas, an ‘ask me something’ button which will be specifically for that purpose.  But I don’t want you to feel you have to ask me a question;  I like reading the yattering-on stuff too, about life, the universe, pan-galactic gargleblasters and fish.  And right at the moment I’m feeling a little shell-shocked about running a blog again at all, so a lack of laser-eyed hard-edged questions is comforting.   But I thought I could make a start with the fish and the gargleblasters.&

I’m so glad to read your voice again (if that makes sense).&&

It does on the planet I’m from.  Nanu nanu.&&&

Oh YAY you’re BACK!!!! I’m so excited to catch up with, or go forward with*, you.

*whichever works

Both.  See above.  This is a very flexible planet.  Who wants to be linear?  Booooooring.%

No one does footnotes like you do footnotes!

Oh good.  Also . . . probably just as well.  Not only do I like to be unusual, there’s probably only so much of this kind of thing the population can bear.

You’ve seen those videos where the dog sees his person for the first time after a long absence? It’s like that. Yay.

This totally makes me fall down laughing.  Thank you.

I forgot what fun it was to read cascading levels of footnotes.

Oh good.  There are usually some protests about Extreme Footnote Use and Abuse of Reader Patience.  Hmmph.  I don’t understand this at all myself of course.  Cascading, exactly.  It’s just like rolling down a slightly watery flight of stairs, right?  Bump, bump, bump, BUMP. What problem?

I would love to have access to previous archives, I miss visiting the posts and pictures, but will eagerly take whatever you post.

I’m not at the minute planning to open the entire archive.  I am planning on mining it.  There will be inevitably a certain amount of recycling too.  My life is still my life and I don’t want to worry about which stories I’ve already told you.  And I’ll be re-posting a few highlights, if highlights is what I mean.  Peter’s memorial service, for example.

Hannah may very well be your BFF but we all feel special and part of your life when you post. (Yes, we are creepy book nerdling stalkers… you don’t mind, right?)

Well . . . if I had any idea what true self advertising was I might have a go, but I don’t, and this is Days in the Life.  My life.  Yes.  I’m hanging it out there for people to read.  I don’t really see your liking it making you a creepy book nerdling stalker.%%%  I wouldn’t be writing this if nobody seemed to be reading it.

Then, when you disappeared from online and the blog went dark, I felt so terrible that I had never commented saying THANK YOU for writing your books of course, but also the blog! A huge time commitment, I know. I so appreciate your sharing bit of life, authoring, dogs. Very glad you’re back and I’m sorry it’s taken me a decade to comment

THANK YOU.  The point is you did break silence.  Yaaaay.

Although I kept reading various faves of your bibliography until black mold nearly killed me and all my household goods went into storage

I recommend investing in a dehumidifier.  And for immediate gratification . . . ebooks.  They are not things of beauty but they do have their uses.  1,000,000,000 books in your backpack, for example.

Ugh, I would describe technology as a bear if it wouldn’t be a disservice to bears everywhere.

Yes, I keep almost referring to it as a bear and thinking, NO.  NOT A NICE FURRY BEAR.  Possibly a kind of grizzly-on-rampage/rabid polar bear crossed with a basilisk-alligator.

What timing that I think to look you up while procrastinating at work a bit,

EXCELLENT.  I so like being a bad influence.

You’ve been missed, and I’m another who was worried but tried not to worry because you were probably just out living your life like a normal person.

NORMAL?  NORMAL?  You wound me to the heart.

I offer you what my various internet friends call “creepy internet hugs”

Eh.  See above.  The internet is a huge teeming ratbag full of evil creepazoids%% but there are still quite a few nice people around, and nice people tend to offer hugs upon suitable occasion. %%% Welcome to the long-lost$ is usually a suitable occasion.$$  Grief, sigh, is usually a suitable occasion, although I’ve been known to run away because hugs generally make it harder not to cry.$$$

One of the ongoing problems with the internet is figuring out what the etiquette is.  There are plenty of ideas but frelling little consensus.  Meanwhile we go on copying and pasting bits of our wiggly three-dimensional lives and sticking them on the screen where they don’t look quite right in two pixelated dimensions.  The important thing is to go on having three-dimensional lives.  Yes.  I’m old.  I remember pre-internet.   I find it scary that you walk through neighbourhoods that you know are full of children, and it’s a beautiful weekend day, and there isn’t a single kid outdoors running around and yelling and hitting things with sticks and getting muddy.  They’re not even sitting on their front stoops with their devices because I guess who needs sunlight and fresh air??  Arrrrgh.  Also, the sunlight-usable screen is still mostly a high-end product, I think?  I still go outdoors every day, rain, shine, blizzards or dragons, but my hands are either full of hellbeast leads or trowels and secateurs.   I haven’t a clue if I have any daylight-resistant screens or not.  I DON’T CARE.

I live with ghosts too.

I wonder how many of us don’t.  I’m glad to have ghosts, considering the alternative.

I am so sorry to hear about Darkness. But, like Peter, you do still have him with you.

I know I told you this on the old blog:  I used to try to be discreet about talking to my husband in the churchyard.  I’ve stopped bothering.  I’m the crazy old lady who gives her dead husband a daily update, standing by his grave in the churchyard.  Every town needs a few characters.$$$  Two and something years after he died he still doesn’t have a headstone because it’s too blasted final, but I do keep on keeping a rose in one of those plastic stick-in-the-ground vases.  I’m thinking of adding a second vase with some daffodils tomorrow when I buy a new rose.

And I see Darkness constantly, partly because of his colour.  He’s always in the corner of my eye, or the shadows at the back of one of the dog beds.  And when neither of the two currently responsible for my dog-food bills are in the back of Wolfgang I hear all the others.  Darkness is better than twice the size of Hazel, but being noncorporeal they all fold in together without anyone getting lain on.

It probably took 2-3 years for me to find a new normal after our daughter died. But it came. Finally. I still get grief ambushes, but it’s better.

Peter at least had a good run, including that his children all outlived him.  Losing a child has to be the worst.  It’s not just awful it’s wrong.  And I’m over the two year mark and I haven’t figured out my new life yet.

Jedi hugs, if you’d be willing to accept them from an internet stranger

For those of you who didn’t get this reference either:

This is TOTALLY an example of why the internet is ALSO a GOOD THING, when you’ve just deleted your 1,000,000th inducement from those beautiful Asian ladies with very small feet, and are wondering if your future is in itinerant knitting or something.  YES.  Because there are MANY times, places and mental lack of balances, when the LAST thing I want is a hug even when I recognise the kind intent.  Human contact also makes you vulnerable, and if you’re feeling pretty vulnerable already . . .  YAAAAAY for Jedi hugs!


* * *

* ::falls down laughing::  Staggers upright, wipes eyes . . . no, no, can’t do it . . .  ::falls down laughing again::

** Yes, I’ve now failed at this two blogs in a row, the Palaeolithic livejournal one as well.

*** Or move to another planet.  Always a possibility.  It has to be one with fragrant roses and furry hellbeasts however.

& I am not copy and pasting all the ‘welcome backs’ and ‘we missed yous’ because these are too self-referential even for me, and my profound and comprehensive self-absorption is already graphically on display.  But let me say that if there weren’t a fair number of these ‘welcome backs’ and ‘we missed yous’ I would not now be re-adding ‘blog’ to my list of regular activities.  THANK YOU ALL.  This is still supposed to be some kind of advertising platform—I exist!  I write books!  Please pay money to read them or talk me up at your library!—but I wouldn’t have the heart for it if somebody didn’t directly tell me they were enjoying it.  You don’t even have to be whacked out yourself, but it probably helps.

&& I may resign myself to Windows 10 yet.  It has a much better selection of pinks, which I have chosen for elegant setting-off of reader comments.  Previous Windowses didn’t understand pink at all, and only offered a cheesy range of lavender if you wanted to frighten the children with lurid typeface colours.  Or mark out reader comments.^

^ Now watch WordPress go ewwwwwwww and expunge it.+


&&& Did Mork ever mention roses and hellbeasts?  I can’t remember.

% Although, boring.  Sigh.  I got to stay home Friday night and I was so excited!  I cooked!  I read!^  I cleaned out the frelling refrigerator.  That wasn’t nearly so exciting, although I guess it’s a consequence of staying home a lot rather than eating in groovy restaurants, but when your vegetable drawer is FLOATING^^ you want to bail it out before you have dirty water all over the floor and (a) panic that one of the hellpair has a urinary infection (b) the hellterror DRINKS it and then . . . develops a urinary infection.

^ I played the jigsaw app on my iPad.  What a mistake that download was.  I now have a puzzle collection getting on to rival my ebook collection.  At least it doesn’t show, like ebooks don’t show,+ unlike hard copy and . . . yarn.++

+ I’m strangely paranoid about people peering over my shoulder however and when I’m looking for an ebook in company I try to make small unflashy swiping hand gestures.

++Also . . . CDs.  I’m not telling you how many albums I bought at those two concerts last week.#

# Yes I know about Spotify and streaming and . . . stuff.  Remember what I said about living on a cul de sac.  I do download knitting patterns~ and sheet music, but it often takes several tries AND some lively email with customer service.


^^ Yes I have cleared the teeny-weeny-weeny pinprick drain hole.  Many times.

% Yes I’ve had experience with . . . erm.  But so long as you remain aware that this is an edited version of my life^, and aren’t expecting to replace Hannah, we’re good.

^ I rarely lie by commission, and only for serious cause, like maintaining someone else’s privacy.#  I lie by omission all the time.  Which maintains my privacy.

# If you want to be snarky about it, all the aliases on this blog are a form of lying by commission.

%% See:  Facebook, or the current scandal about it.  There is no way that any of these ginormous galaxy-swallowing mega-corps aren’t evil and corrupt, even if when they were three people in someone’s garage they were all pure and holy and devoted to improving the lot of all life on the planet.  Suspicion is good.  It won’t protect you from trolls, hacking and spam^ but it’ll at least raise your chances of not having your bank balance wiped, your home repossessed and your best beloved running off to Mongolia because that’s where your last text saying HELP HELP appeared to be coming from.

^ AAAAAAAUGH.  Nothing protects you from spam.  It’s like slugs in the garden:  you haven’t a hope of eradicating the squishy little horrors.  You can only hope to bash them down to a just-about-manageable level.

%%% Notice that I do not say normal, although normal is okay in its place.^

^ ::looks around::  ::fails to find a place for normal::

$ Unless, of course, they left to avoid the hug thing.^

^ I may not count as long-lost, but trust me, last year has felt very long.+

+ The last five or so years have felt very long, but we won’t go there tonight.

$$ It’s only fair to warn you however that if you see/meet me at a book signing or similar some day^ and try to hug me, I will probably roar and bite you.  I find public occasions very stressful and not suitable for much of anything except attempting to live long enough to flee.

^ ::deletes another selfie::+

+ ::deletes another selfie::~

~ ::deletes another selfie::  So, like possibly not.  Unless I can wear a bag over my head.  As Bette Davis said, old age is not for sissies.  [needs another frelling footnote symbol]

[needs another frelling footnote symbol] Also, I have this hair.  The central thing is that I am VERY GLAD to HAVE hair, since it keeps taking comprehensive stress personally and falling out, and this latest time it’s grown in it . . . it can’t decide if it really wants to be curly or not, so I have both RINGLETS, every time it grows in there are a few more of these, I haven’t had serious ringlets since frelling kindergarden, and just-barely wavy bits, which is what it’s mostly been since kindergarden.  Curly bits, less curly bits and not curly bits do not INTEGRATE WELL. [[needs a SECOND new frelling footnote symbol]]  The result was memorably described by a friend who had to make me immediately recognisable to someone who had never met me as ‘an explosion in a mattress factory.’[[[THIRD new footnote symbol]]]

[[Needs a SECOND new frelling footnote symbol]] I was complaining about this to Merrilee, who has the best curly hair ever, and she said, Welcome to my world.

[[[THIRD new footnote symbol]]] Yes we’re still friends.  He has other virtues.

$$$ I met one of the others yesterday, as I was out with the hellpair at teatime—4 pm or so.^  He said, Good morning.  He added, I know it’s not morning, I’m left-handed.

I like this.  I’m sure he worked it out beforehand, so as to support his position as a town character, but I like it anyway.


+ It occurs to me I’ve been wasting an excuse for my relentlessly haphazard relationship with time.  IT’S BECAUSE I’M VERY SENSITIVE AND HAVING THE CLOCKS JERKING ME AROUND TWICE A YEAR DESTROYS MY DELICATE RADAR.  Hee hee hee hee hee hee.

35 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. Aaahhhh, a fine full forest of footnotes. Nobody does footnotes like you, I could happily wander through them for days.

    I’m sure if Mork had known about roses and hellbeasties he would’ve embraced them all enthusiastically. Nanu Nanu.

    About seeing lost loved ones – It’s been almost a year since one of our sister-cats died, and I’m still seeing her in her favorite corners. I think that’s just part of loving and remembering them.

  2. Hurray for Robin!

    I confess, I feared you had abandoned the Internet because both hellhounds had starved and the cumulative grief had sent you to the monks for good. Which, I am glad is not quite how it went down, but in any case I wanted very much to send good vibes without intruding on a very personal time. I send more now.

    Comment: I am amused your hair alternates between straight and curly, like the wonderful sighthound in Deerskin. As someone with immutably straight hair, that read to me like the least probable part of the whole book, but this just shows my degree of ignorance in these matters.

    Question – how many houses do you have now? If you feel like telling us, of course.

    Very best wishes.

  3. Hey Robin, Do you have a PO box that I could type and send letters too? You are the author of my favorite book and I would love to send you a letter thanking you about it. I only found your blog recently but ill do my best to sort through the stream of thoughts you pour out on it, If i ever get the chance id love for you to sign the copy of the book I love. I actually bought a dozen copies of it just to give to friends. Thank you for everything and remember to stay strong.

  4. In line with all the others, glad you are good-ish and back with us, in that ephermal sense that anything can reach through the internet.

    You wrote my favorite book (Sunshine [No I am not going to ask about the sequel, don’t worry]), and several other “one of my favorite” books. The internet for me was far too sequential a world while you were gone, and being able to read something through once without jumping around was getting boring. When I don’t know how I want to express my character’s thoughts, you are always my first reference.

    I dunno if you’ve tried, but I’d suspect it would be possible to create a reference (ugh, I know) to copy and paste in new footnote symbols, such as the dagger. †

    I know – gods know – everyone loves more IT help when they already want to throw the keyboard at a wall, not because the knowledge is unwanted, but because a human (or otherwise) has only enough patience for so many things + time to be frustrated with technology.

    Anyway, best wishes and hope you have a great day!

    † I found the dagger and a number of other symbols here: You can see about a dozen more symbols on the far right side. Supposedly there is some sort of key-combo you can get to have the symbols pop up called Encoding, but I spent five minutes trying and threw my hands up. (I’ll stick to excessive parenthesis and copy-paste solutuons)

  5. I don’t usually leave comments, but reading your reactions to recent comments motivated me to leave one myself. I’ve been so excited each time I discover yet another blog post in my inbox. And while I totally understand that you’re not alright, I am so glad that you are alright enough to blog again! Thank you so much for sharing your life and your stories.

  6. I, too, have hair that is of mixed curliness and is the despair of my stylist, although she is specially trained to cut curly hair (a system called DevaCurl) and does a really good job so that I like my hair.

  7. You’re here! I’ve only just found you. I too have moved from HA (husband alive) to AH (after husband) with a horrible transition which I try not to think about. I feared for you. And prayed.

  8. I believe at this point I am going to offer you Jedi hugs for what surely must be a record amount of footnotes!!!! Yay footnotes!!! 😀
    I had no idea what Jedi hugs were before either ( .. also got side-tracked on that link reading all of the other definitions -oops! but hey at least I’m learning stuff so I can justify it, right?) . Ok, so no actual hugs for RL meetings such as book signings n stuff. Agreed! that would sort of be like crossing the boundaries of not normal into the realms of creepy stalkerishness .If that’s a word. If it wasn’t someone you were actual friends with. Or a dog.
    I laughed hard at the hair descriptions!!! saw my internets nickname in there and laughed harder. Once the owner of shiny wavy tameable tresses , the older I get the wilder that hair gets. Fun eh? If you find a way of taming it, please do share with your readers!! Must remember the ” explosion in a mattress factory” description *is laughing some more* Did that particular friend survive giving your hair that description or should I not go there?….

    *is looking forward to next blog post -with footnotes* 🙂

  9. Honestly, ever since I found your Beauty in my high school library, I have loved your work. I didn’t join much online activity outside of YouTube or Facebook until after I left my parents house so really it wasn’t that long ago, maybe 5 years, so finding out you used to have a blog previous to this, saddens me a little. I’d have loved to have read it. I’m sorry for your losses and hope things become more smooth I guess is the word. (As better just doesn’t seem appropriate.) but I am glad that I am able to join you in your blogging journey this time around. Thank you for being a constant in my life of word encouragement despite your not being aware of it. I hope your day is wonderful.

  10. Glad you are back. Was worried about you. I had a image of you hiding under a large something with just a pair of red converse sneakers poking out (the wicked witch of hampshire?) I’m so very sorry about Darkness (which probably doesn’t do you a damn bit of good but I’m saying it anyway).

    Easy (maybe) questions – How’s the kniting going? And how are the houses?

  11. How wonderful to see you again!
    There are many of us in the “with/before” and “after” category.
    Thank you for coming back to visit us.

    Reading your blog is a favorite activity, as is re-reading your books.

    It’s too cold yet in Maryland to have roses, but I am thinking that in England they may be starting to bud. It’s been years since I lived there, but I remember the springs fondly.

  12. I got annoyed at the end of last week when I started waking up about an hour before the alarm was due to go off until I decided that my body was preadjusting to the clock going forward.

  13. I have loved your books for decades and return to them like old friends. Thank you so much for making my life richer.

    P.S. I remember when there was no internet, too.

  14. I don’t usually leave comments anywhere, but thought you might be amused by the fact that I seem to be ordering a number of roses, including several climbing roses, based on a completely unrealistic vision of how successful they will be. I have read Beauty too many times and fully expect them to cover my house in a matter of weeks. Though I will also be happy if they manage not to die.

    Thank you for the much-read, well-loved books on my shelf. All the best to you.

  15. Thank you for your membership in the “we hate changing the time markers to accommodate the golf industry” foundation . . . Have you seen the statistics corelating strokes with time-changes?? >> BRITISH SUMMER TIME ARRRRRRRRRRGH. CLOCKS GOING FORWARD ARRRRRRRRRRGH. IT TAKES ME SIX MONTHS TO READJUST AND THEN THEY FRELLING GO BACK AGAIN SO TIME NEVER FEELS SETTLED OR RIGHT OR COMFORTABLE ARRRRRRRRRRRGH.+<<

  16. I’m so glad you’re back! Never commented on the old blog before but I figured I’d try commenting here 🙂 Having grown up with your Damar books & the books that followed, I am finally getting around to reading Tolkien (at 32 years old…not sure why I put it off so long!), and I am realizing how lucky I was to have grown up with stories of Women Who Have Adventures and Do Things. I was shocked at how small Arwen’s role was, having only seen the movies previous to reading the series. And Éowyn was amazing, but the books could have featured more of her…

    (As for the spam issues, I’ve had good luck with Askimet blocking spam pretty well.)

  17. I so your love your blog. Thank you again for coming back to it!
    (This is a stupefyingly unoriginal comment. But important. Because true.)
    Agree wholeheartedly on the selfies. Somehow despite routine encounters with the mirror, selfies are horrifying. Who is is that tinsel haired critter? And when did its’ teeth go that colour!? EEEEK!! (delete. delete again. delete some more. delete, delete, delete). There is a very good reason for all those headless pictures on Ravelry…

  18. Will we be getting Bellringing updates? I managed Stedman the other day, to much gleeful grinning after I got through a plain course!

  19. I’m still just incredibly delighted to hear from you. **cries happy tears while drifting in meandering circles** In the way of international book/blog-reading fans I don’t KNOW-know you but I still care enough to compulsively worry. Please know you have and will continue to spend a fair share of time in my prayers/good-energy-deportations.

    It is okay to talk to your ghosts. Be glad of them, even. It is harder to not even have ghosts than to be seen as peculiar.

    Most of the screens do relatively well in sunlight—but it’s a perfectly good waste of sunlight so your ignorance of it is a good thing and should be perpetuated. Screens are overrated, daylight-proof or not.

    I can appreciate that public occasions aren’t the best. Goodness only knows how often I’ve been strapped in a fancy outfit with ridiculous shoes and begun analyzing how much I can improve my sprint time without breaking both ankles. It’s still one of my life goals to get to the UK to meet you, though. Do you have a book signing schedule? Barring that, could I just buy you a lunch somewhere not at all fancy someday?

  20. I am going to try again with a Robin’s recommended booklist…

    Oooo, good! I’ve read a number of books you’ve recommended and enjoyed them very much. I tend to do a lot of re-reading* because it can be hard to find new books that I like. More recs from you would be wonderful.

    *Chalice and Sunshine have been hitting my re-reading sessions a lot lately. 🙂

  21. Oh yeah…. You, Robin McKinley, and your fabulous tale-telling are a favorite addiction even if it takes yonls to scroll up and down on my Blackberry Passport to cross-refernvce whatever triggered your footnoted asides. That said, reading is a fave activity and I indulge in it voraciously – deadlines beckon, ditto exercise and town errqands, but here I am, comfy on the sofa of temporary (mold-free) home with CEO – canine executive officer – napping happily next to me long after my morning coffee ritual (reading and java).

    RE: dehumidifier – not going to quell the structural damage caused by termite infestation, allegedly dealt with before I moved in, which led to weakened foundation exacerbated by wonky downspout and resultant ideal Petrie dish for black mold. While transient in terms of living circs, great care is taken to avoid anything that might exacerbate my sensitive lungs. Fizz, usually in the form of cheap and cheerful albeit good Proseco, however, is an exemption.

    RE: ebooks – own two devices and must rein myself in lest I blow the frayed shoestring budget on new additions. But temptation is rearing it’s lovely little head with today’s “wallah” moment of discovery that Kobo fixed it’s app for BlackBerry 10 which means my darling mini ‘top (smirks at ref to Shadows) – i.e. Passport – can become repository for very fave-est tomes, esp several of yours. Sigh must be careful not to go nucking futz money-wise, but at least I can download those already in my virtual library.

    Be well. Be happy. Be yourself – and enjoy all the love and joy bombarding you from your loyal band of enthusiastic fans who are thrilled that Robin’s baaacckkk!!!!!

    Oh bleeptiy bleep – just looked at the time!

    Parting shot: turning the air blue cussing like crazy purges negative energy and bad juju from mind body and spirit – it’s actually healthy, better out than in!!!!!

  22. PS Well, I’m hoping that there’s just a delay in posting my rather gassy comment. Then again, not a biggie if it floats off into the ethernet – WE ARE ALL HERE TO READ ROBIN!!!!

    PPS I would LOVE to have wild big curly hair – omg, YESSSS! sigh

  23. PPPS well, kobo app for BB-PP SE is OUT! once again, they invade my privacy, requesting access to everything – NOOOO I’m not sharing anything from my mobile! The tablets have next to nothing on them – neener neener! Internet noey parkers are out of luck!

    PPPPS Anything new on the Pegasus front? : )

  24. Long time blog lurker/ book fan here, just popping in to say, I’m glad you’re back online and doing ok! Thanks for sharing snippets with us.

  25. My morning was a little brighter when I discovered you are BACK! Now, instead of accomplishing the items on my To Do list, I am indulging in a read through the blog. Looking forward to hearing about new books, but I never tire of rereading the others. I have most in both print and ebook. There are some aspects of technology that annoy me (automatic Windows updates and new versions OS on my devices) but I absolutely love having my favorite books with me on phone and iPad. Never know when I might have a moment to hide out in a book!

  26. How lovely to stumble upon your return to the internet as I wrap up my 4th (5th?) reread of Sunshine and think about ignoring all the other books I’m supposed to be reading for another round with Chalice.Your footnotes have been missed!

  27. Re: clock change. I dislike it more with every passing year. I have friends who adjust their wake up & work schedule by a half hour so they only have to adjust back a half-hour.
    This year I started a few months early and adjusted my wake-up time a few minutes every week. I’m not sure if it made it easier when the actual blow finally fell or if it just spread the agony out over more time.
    I feel worried that you will get overwhelmed with comments….but I think if anyone can handle not acknowledging comments guilt-free, you can. So glad you’re back…the world is a bit more balanced. 🙂

  28. I’m so happy to see you’re well and talking to Peter in the churchyard and buying flowers. These are all good things, and it means a lot to me to know the world goes on relatively well for people I know and care about, in a “remote and I’ve never met you” sort of way. Also, I don’t know if you look at Twitter, but Cherie Priest’s dogs are the very best, and she posts daily pics (speaking of the Lives of Authors). A++, highly recommended.

  29. I’m glad you appreciated the Jedi hugs. They’re an extremely useful concept. I especially appreciate their ability to be shared over both very long and very short distances. (They get shared around here when the recipient has an upset tummy.)

  30. Your stories are the ones I go back to when I need a return to comfort and home and wonder and all things good. About 10 years ago I became a whippet-person –in large part because of Deerskin’s Ash, and it was one of the best ‘becomings’ in my life. My Nellie ended up saving me from the kind of sadness you need saving from–back when I was deep in the throes of mourning lost babies. She finally adapted well to the presence of a live baby, and is living her best life as a pampered dowager empress these days. I’m glad you’re ok-ish, though I’m so very sorry for your losses. And thought I should maybe let you know how much influence you’ve had on a stranger’s life between the books and the blog and the inspiration to seek out a sighthound to bring into my life.

  31. I spent so much time on Captain Awkward’s site that to be honest I didn’t even notice the Jedi hugs until you defined them. Speaking of which, I highly recommend her blog for anyone who enjoys advice columns. She’s got good sense and solid advice and is both funny and fun to read. Just in case anyone needs a reason to spend MORE time on the Internet.

    And I’ll have to remember that left-handed comment!

  32. You’re back! Thank you – I’m a longtime reader (YA, pah – AA – Any Age more like it). A (finally) sunny day in Nanaimo and my serial attempts to see if you’re writing again have been successful – a doubly good day.

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